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George H. Kramer, M.D.

Prolotherapy/Prolozone Success Stories

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I’m the doctor other doctors call when patients don’t get better.

Do you suffer from persistent or recurrent nagging back and neck pain disk herniations, degenerative disc disease, whiplash, pinched nerves or nerve pain? Muscle strains and sprains or tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers’ back, runners’ knee, or plantar fasciitis? Degenerative arthritis of the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, foot, or hand? Headaches, TMJ, post-herpetic neuralgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy or fibromyalgia?

For the last 20 years I’ve specialized in treating people like you who are frustrated with their lack of improvement or are seeking other treatment options that will help them get back to the active life they love.

Featured Prolotherapy Articles

A 59 year-old Fargo businessman man recently found himself confronted with an all too common torn rotator cuff diagnosis and a difficult decision – endure the pain or risk the surgery. Lee’s pain was so severe he often could not sleep at night and could no longer continue to do the activities in life he loved, such as golf and working out, so bad was the pain. Frustrated and desperate, he tried several cortisone injections, which offered only temporary relief. Finally, an MRI showed a rotator cuff tear, his Mayo Clinic doctor recommended surgery as his last option to repair the damage.

Find out how Dr. Kramer and prolotherapy treatments helped Lee recover without surgury in this issue of my ProloNews Newsletter.